DeNA to Acquire ngmoco:) - A Note From the Founders

Posted on: 10/12/2010

DeNA  ngmoco:)

Dear Everybody…

Today we announced that ngmoco:) is being acquired by DeNA, Japan’s largest and most successful mobile social games platform company, creating in the process the world’s leading company of its kind.

ngmoco will lead DeNA’s efforts in the Western world, including launching a new western smartphone version of the incredibly successful Social Games Network, Mobage (we say “Mo-ba-gae”) that we’re building together with DeNA.

Mobage has tens of millions of users in Japan who play many hundreds of applications all woven together through a connected service. We’ll be bringing our two companies’ collective experience & technology to bear and delivering you the smartphone version of this incredible service filled with amazing games and services, wrapped inside a vibrant community.

We’re also branching out beyond just iOS devices, introducing existing and new products to Android devices. We love iOS and our commitment there hasn’t diminished, we’re simply adding Android into the mix, bringing the very best titles from ngmoco, Freeverse, Miraphonic, Stump Town & our plus+ partners to these amazing devices.

We’ve also got exciting news for developers & our plus+ partners. We’re going to be opening up our platforms and frameworks, allowing them to access both the technologies and traffic that power ngmoco & DeNA products globally. By integrating the native libraries and technologies that power our leading ngmoco family of games & our plus+ network with the Mobage SDK, we’ll create the Open Mobage Smartphone SDK. Developers who target this platform will gain access to the APIs, Libraries & Services that power the leading smartphone games, effortlessly bring their applications to both iOS & Android and get immediate access to a community of tens of millions of users both here in the West and Japan.

If you’re a developer, and you’re interested in participating in our Beta program visit and sign-up to register your interest.

Finally, on behalf of everyone at ngmoco - thank you. Thank you for being a customer, a fan, a critic, a developer or a partner. Through your support of our products and our company you have and continue to challenge us to be the best that we can be. As we embark on this next chapter in our company’s story we will continue to give you our best and always strive to bring you great games & services that are worthy of your time and interest.

Yours Sincerely,

Neil Young, Bob Stevenson, Alan Yu & Joe Keene.
Founders, ngmoco:)

posted : Tuesday, October 12th, 2010