Rolando is here to stay!

Posted on: 6/29/2009

Over the weekend we told you we were planning to remove Rolando from the App Store. After listening to your feedback, we’ve decided that Rolando will stay.

What’s more, we will bring the original Topple back too.

We did not intend to deprive you of the ability to re-download or update our games. Rather, we had wanted to learn how well Rolando 2 would do at launch without the competition generated by its predecessor.

The App Store is an entirely new animal, and we’re always learning what it takes to deliver what you want.

So we’ve learned. That’s why we have decided not to remove Rolando from the App Store, and it is why Topple will return.

Keep talking. Our ears and inboxes are always open.


posted : Monday, June 29th, 2009